Plotting the Future: Highlighting the Updates to the National PA Research Agenda
AAPA ePoster library, Noel Smith, 269909
The Aging PA Workforce and Its Implications for Healthcare
AAPA ePoster library, Noel Smith, 269908
Physician Assistant Career Flexibility
AAPA ePoster library, Noel Smith, 269907
What's working? Critical Race Theory and African American PA Student Success
AAPA ePoster library, Vanessa Bester, 269903
Stress and Belonging: Differences in Educational Experiences Among Diverse PA Students
AAPA ePoster library, Dominique Frias, 269901
Finding Self: Factors Impacting Psychosocial and Functional Outcomes in Pediatric Patients with the Congenital Hand Deformity Symbrachydactly
AAPA ePoster library, Janith Mills, 269891
Psychological Safety in Ambulatory Care Linked to Leader Inclusiveness
AAPA ePoster library, Bettie Coplan, 269864
Towards Earlier Identification: Clinicians' Perceptions of their Ability to Identify, Diagnose, and Refer Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder
AAPA ePoster library, Denise Rizzolo, 269862
How important is diversity to students when choosing a physician assistant program?
AAPA ePoster library, Cynthia Yuen, 269849
Urban Partnerships to Address Health Literacy in Low-Income and Homeless Adults
AAPA ePoster library, Joshua Knox, 269860
Research Spotlight on the First Israeli PAs
AAPA ePoster library, Oren Berkowitz, 269861
iBreath. An education Intervention to Improve Lung Health In Uganda
AAPA ePoster library, Gerald Kayingo, 269869
Physician assistant students as health educators for adolescents
AAPA ePoster library, Gina Brown, 269871
An Innovative Virtual Mentorship Program: A Delphi Study in Bridging the Gap between Senior and Junior Physician Assistants
AAPA ePoster library, Shameice K. Fischer, 269887
Putting it into Practice: Volunteering at a Student-faculty Collaborative Clinic Enhances Confidence of the Physician Assistant
AAPA ePoster library, Heather Cleveland, 269902
Setting up New Hire Advanced Practice Providers for a Successful Transition to Practice with a Structured Onboarding Program
AAPA ePoster library, Amber Maniates, 269906
Analysis of Unsuccessful Original Research Submissions to JAAPA
AAPA ePoster library, Harrison Reed, 269899
Patient Knowledge of Botanical Supplement Side Effects & Drug Interactions
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269884
Do Physician Assistant State License Applications Create a Barrier to Mental Health Treatment?
AAPA ePoster library, Harrison Reed, 269879
Why do individuals quit smoking?
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269878
Does patient symptomatology affect care location choice?
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269876
Oral Hygiene: A Window to Patient Health
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269855
Mental Health First Aid: A model for effective PA-led mental health education and outreach
AAPA ePoster library, Hwal Lee, 269851
Advanced Care Directives and the Invincible Youth
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269847
Patient Attitudes Towards Calling 911 Post Non-Fatal Opioid Overdose
AAPA ePoster library, Cooper Couch, 269843
Puzzle-based Ultrasound Education for Physician Assistant Students
AAPA ePoster library, Mada Helou, 269905
Integration of medication-assisted treatment into the physician assistant curriculum: When is the best time?
AAPA ePoster library, Sheena Brown, 269904
Making the Grade: Prescription Stimulant Misuse Among Physician Assistant Students
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269886
Food for Thought: A Study on BMI's Relationship to Perception of Caloric Density
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269885
Drink and Swipe: Does Accessibility to Rideshare Services Influence the Decision to Drink and Drive?
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269877
Public Knowledge of Indications and Risks of Common Over-the-Counter Medications
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269870
Service Learning Promotes Acquisition of Interprofesssional Education Competency
AAPA ePoster library, Julie Thomas, 269866
Skin Cancer, Sun Exposure, and Prevention
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 269853
Bowel bladder dysfunction diagnosis and treatment: Should primary care providers be doing more?
AAPA ePoster library, Ranya Hamdan, 269898
Evaluating Trust and Its Timeline in Hospitalist Physicians
AAPA ePoster library, Andres Marte-Grau, 269896
Infantile Myofibromatosis: A Rare Disorder Presenting in a 6-Month-Old Child
AAPA ePoster library, Sarah Kennedy-Etheridge, 269889
Does Mom Know Best? - Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery vs. Cesarean Delivery by Maternal Demand
AAPA ePoster library, Oriel Rafaelov, 269872
Optimization of Advance Practice Provider (APP) Patient Load in the ICU
AAPA ePoster library, David Carpenter, 269863
Job Satisfaction among PAs Practicing Cardiovascular Medicine in the United States
AAPA ePoster library, Sondra DePalma, 269857
Use of A Novel Internet-Based Real-Time Patient Tracking System in A Mock Mass Casualty Incident
AAPA ePoster library, Brett Myers, 269840
Admissions Process Review of the Physicians Assistant Program at Louisiana State University Health Science Center New Orleans
AAPA ePoster library, Shay Hollie, 269900
Demographics and career interest of students in a novel high school STEM academy designed to increase diversity in the health professions
AAPA ePoster library, Reamer Bushardt, 269892
Case study of a hurricane challenge to PA education
AAPA ePoster library, Wendy Hoon Langen, 269881
Effect of Employment on PA School Performance
AAPA ePoster library, Renee Andreeff, 269880
Assessing the demand of doctoral prepared PA faculty using job advertisements
AAPA ePoster library, Gerald Kayingo, 269873
Using a Centralized Application Service to Increase Diversity
AAPA ePoster library, Renee Andreeff, 269867
Culture Change to Promote Wellness Among PA Faculty
AAPA ePoster library, Joanne Rolls, 269854
Patient Outcomes with Medicinal Marijuana Use
AAPA ePoster library, Renee Andreeff, 269883
The Use of Lifestyle Modifications as First Line Treatment for Hypertension
AAPA ePoster library, Renee Andreeff, 269882
Developing a Protocol for Initiating Buprenorphine in the Emergency Department
AAPA ePoster library, Faith Genove, 269868
The Buprenorphine Team: A PA-Led Program Linking Hospitalized Patients with Opioid Use Disorder to Community Providers
AAPA ePoster library, Richard Bottner, 269856
UItilizing Addiction Medicine Physician Assistants in Drug Courts
AAPA ePoster library, Debra Newman, 269850
Investigating Increased Mortality in Female Acute Myocardial Infarction Across Emergency Medicine Providers
AAPA ePoster library, Alexandra Agins, 269848
Smoking cessation during substance abuse rehabilitation: Can nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and counseling improve success?
AAPA ePoster library, Michelle DiBaise, 269844
Emergency department visit to scheduled elective cholecystectomy –success of treatment plan.
AAPA ePoster library, Karen Garofalo, 269842
Thrown for an Afferent Loop: A Case of Afferent Loop Syndrome
AAPA ePoster library, Kylie Leffler, 269893
Arterial Thoracic Syndrome Can Cause a Stroke?
AAPA ePoster library, Holly Grunebach, 269895
Would You Give Vaccines a Shot?
AAPA ePoster library, Natalie Nye, 269875
The impact of limited English proficiency (LEP) on patient treatment adherence: A systematic review of treatment adherence in LEP patients
AAPA ePoster library, Jonathan Lam, 269865
Child-to-Parent Violence: A Phenomenological Study of Mothers' Experiences
AAPA ePoster library, Diana Noller, 269852
Mistaken Identity- A Case Report on Multiple Herpetic Whitlows and Herpetic Gingivostomatitis Disguised as Paronychia and Apthous Ulcers
AAPA ePoster library, Brooke Frisbie, 269858
Not Your Average Red Eye
AAPA ePoster library, Clay Walker, 269841
Pancytopenia, transaminitis and ileitis on CT scan in a 20-year-old traveler with typhoid fever
AAPA ePoster library, Kyle Liang, 269897
Paraneoplastic Pancreatitis: A Rare Complication of Small Cell Lung Cancer with Paraneoplastic Syndromes
AAPA ePoster library, Laurie Dunn-Ryznyk, 269894
Acute liver injury with conjugated hyperbilirubinemia secondary to the use of kratom herbal supplement
AAPA ePoster library, Gabriel Umbehr, 269890
Amoxicillin-induced aseptic meningoencephalitis: a rare complication of a commonly prescribed medication
AAPA ePoster library, Stephanie Schmitt, 269874
Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug Induced Gastropathy Versus Crohn's Disease: A Diagnostic Dilemma
AAPA ePoster library, Ryan Thompson, 272265
Standardization of the Medication Reconciliation Interview
AAPA ePoster library, Dominique Wade, 269859
Autism and/or Developmental Disability Education Provided to NH Law Enforcement and EMS Personnel
AAPA ePoster library, Linda Martino, 180481
Transmission Knowledge of Hepatitis C in Opioid Dependent Pregnant Patients
AAPA ePoster library, Emily Wiercinski, 180482
Pain Medicine Crisis: A Comprehensive Review of PA Education Programs Pain Medicine Curriculum
AAPA ePoster library, Sara Parr, 180483
Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum
AAPA ePoster library, Natalie Willer, 180484
tPA Outcomes in Patients 80 Years of Age Or Older Following Acute Ischemic Stroke
AAPA ePoster library, Renee Andreeff, 180485
Knowledge of the ABCDE Criteria Among Patients with Skin Cancer
AAPA ePoster library, Renee Andreeff, 180486
Physician Assistants in Healthcare Administration
AAPA ePoster library, Reamer Bushardt, 180498
Pop Culture and Physician Assistant Education
AAPA ePoster library, Daytheon Sturges, 180499
Denying the Grim Reaper
AAPA ePoster library, David Jackson, 180500
Global Advocacy for Women: Impact of Simulation-based Training
AAPA ePoster library, Michael Rota, 180501
The Other DKA: A Case Report
AAPA ePoster library, Craig Hricz, 180502
Safety and Tolerability of Rifaximin in the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): A Pooled Analysis of 4 Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trials
AAPA ePoster library, Maurice Landers, 180503
Diversity, Discrimination, Abuse and Attrition in PA Education
AAPA ePoster library, Michelle DiBaise, 180514
Physician Assistant (PA) advocacy through mentorship and career development of underrepresented populations
AAPA ePoster library, Shekitta Acker, 180515
Identifying a Novel Biomarker to Determine Clotting Risk in Patients with Cirrhosis
AAPA ePoster library, Virginia Hass, 180516
An ARMY PA's Experience in Yoga Therapy: What Other Healthcare Providers Need to Know and How it Can Benefit their Patients
AAPA ePoster library, Adhana McCarthy, 180517
Efficacy and safety of the PCSK9 inhibitor alirocumab 300 mg every 4 weeks in patients with ASCVD
AAPA ePoster library, Patricia Guerra, 180518
Disseminated Adenovirus in an Immunocompromised Host
AAPA ePoster library, Kylie Pont, 180530
Implementation of a Substance Abuse Screening in a Community Health Center
AAPA ePoster library, Quinnette Jones, 180531
Armed with vinegar and cryotherapy: battling cervical cancer in Tanzania
AAPA ePoster library, Natasha Seliski, 180532
Assessing the relationship between student clinical encounters and performance outcomes
AAPA ePoster library, Elana Min, 180533
Smiles for Life: Influence of a Free Online Interprofessional Oral Health Curriculum on PA Education and Practice
AAPA ePoster library, Anita Glicken, 180534
Refractory Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura and Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Treated with Mycophenolate, Eculizumab and N-Acetylcysteine
AAPA ePoster library, Brianna Laartz, 180546
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in Adolescence
AAPA ePoster library, Rhonda Pulver, 180547
Primary CNS Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder: A rare diagnosis after pancreas transplant
AAPA ePoster library, Megan Jones, 180548
Complex Care of a Rare Tumor, Metastatic Liposarcoma: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach
AAPA ePoster library, Katie DeLucia, 180550
Who moved my cheese ? An interesting case of neurobrucellosis in a man residing in the United states
AAPA ePoster library, Patrick Fox, 180551
A rare case of a generalized body rash in a linear pattern
AAPA ePoster library, Christopher Forest, 180563
Utilization of clinical simulation technology in Physician Assistant (PA) education: Experience of the MGH Institute of Health Professions
AAPA ePoster library, Dawn Morton-Rias, 180564
An Analysis of Diseases and Disorders Encountered in PA Practice Based on Data Obtained Through a Practice Analysis Study
AAPA ePoster library, Keren Wick, 180565
May-Thurner Syndrome: An Underdiagnosed Cause of Deep Venous Thrombosis
AAPA ePoster library, Sara Villegas, 180566
Financial Stress Among Newly Matriculated PA Students in 2014
AAPA ePoster library, Kara Stencel, 180567

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